Heartland Services

About Heartland Services

The Service was established in 2001 by Government in order to improve delivery of government services in rural areas. The Service is designed to improve face-to-face Kanohi ki te Kanohi access to government services and provide an outreach service in areas where services might otherwise not be accessible.


The purpose of Heartland Service Centres is to provide people in rural, provincial and isolated communities with direct access to a wide range of integrated government and non-government partnering agencies throughout rural communities nationwide.

Heartland Service Centre

Rooms Available

Heartland Service Centre have rooms available to accommodate small and large groups for community meetings, trainings, programs etc. We have access to parking, tables and chairs, photocopier and printer, tea and coffee making facilities, heating and cooling ventilation systems, whiteboards, wifi and large TV screen for presentations.

Please contact us to Enquire about using a room.

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